Ready to file your taxes? The IRS will be accepting returns beginning January 23rd, 2017. This year the deadline is April 18, 2017.  The IRS expects over 150 million returns over the next few months, so don’t wait till the last minute. Here are a few tips to help make filing yours a breeze. Gather […]

The year is nearly over, but you can still take action to reduce your 2016 taxes. Here are 5 year-end tax savers for businesses to consider: Boost your Retirement Account A retirement account is a wise place to put your money, because it’s just that: your money. The more money you can place into a retirement fund […]

Tax season is one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year for many people, both business owners, and workers alike. With so many forms, technicalities and specifics, it can be hard to keep all of the details straight; the difference between a tax return and an estimated tax payment sometimes confuses people. […]

When someone takes it upon themselves to help another in need, that deserves a reward. For many people, they don’t realize that many things that they do out of the kindness of their hearts can actually benefit them when tax time rolls around. It can be a little tricky, though, when it comes to figuring […]

The filing season in 2017 will be little different than previous years. There needed to be a more logical and timely way for people to file their taxes because more and more information is being passed through different entities like partnerships and S corporations. So, Congress passed the Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement […]