Listen up, this information is a rare and very valuable gem for the business owner! If the conditions are right, this can save thousands every year for “the little guy.” Health insurance and medical expenses are usually a touchy subject for the self employed. Although the premiums are a write off, there are still some […]

Don’t pay unnecessary fines and penalties! IRS has announced changes to 1099 penalties. Did you know that the penalties for incorrect information or failing to file 1099s is more severe this year? The Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015, which affects all forms filed in 2016, increases the fines per failure significantly. New Law Regarding […]

Ready to file your taxes? The IRS will be accepting returns beginning January 19th, 2016. This year the deadline is April 18, 2016. Massachusetts returns have one additional day and are due April 19, 2016. The IRS expects over 150 million returns over the next few months, so don’t wait till the last minute. Here […]

Beginning December 1, 2015, New Hampshire is establishing a short term tax amnesty period. The amnesty will last until February 15, 2016, and will allow businesses and individuals to repay their back taxes without fear of penalties. What exactly is tax amnesty? Tax amnesty is a window of time in which certain taxpayers can pay […]

We get this question a lot and it is one of the few that has a favorable answer. Typically when you sell your home, you will not pay tax to the IRS or the state in which you reside. Here are five important things you should know: 1.       You made less than […]