As a small business owner, I have struggled with being the expert in areas that I know very little about.  When I made the decision to start my Human Resource Consulting firm, HR Synergy LLC, I learned quickly that there is so much more to owning a business that just doing what you love.  Suddenly, […]

Is it worth saving a few dollars by doing your own payroll when a bad or missed data entry may mean fines, penalties, and interest? Payroll is a lot more than writing a check, and if you have ever missed a deadline or incurred tax penalties before because of payroll tax errors, you know this […]

There has been a recent trend to move workers to Independent Contractors rather than hiring them as employees directly onto payroll. This type of employee misclassification is something that the IRS takes very seriously. From large organizations to mom-and-pop shops, the IRS is assessing large fines and penalties for this type of misclassification. If you […]

There are over 25 million Americans with home offices, but the IRS states only 2.4 million taxpayers claim their home office deductions. For the math geeks out there, that is less than 1%. It’s common for people to shy away from this deduction to avoid an audit, especially because home offices were once considered a […]

Buying a home, having a baby, selling a vacation home, or changing jobs?  Life can get complicated, but a Tax Agent can give you peace of mind, save you money and time on taxes, and ensure you don’t make costly mistakes or miss important deductions. Although enrolled agents are not as well known as CPA’s, they […]