Looking for Better Bookkeeping in NH? We’ve got it.

better bookkeeping in nh

Do year end adjustments drive you crazy? Do you feel your accountant is truly making your life easier? No company should feel lost in the weeds when it comes to their bookkeeping. They should feel confident that the books are clean and  match their tax return. We have good news: effective and accurate accounting is what we do best!

Lately we’ve been talking about how you can get more out of your mileage with QuickBooks Self-Employed features. We also like to give you insider tips, like how to save money at tax season with gas receipts.  Now it’s time to toot our own horn as it relates to bookkeeping for businesses.

Did you know that we work directly with your QuickBooks file? This is a big deal, and it sets us apart from a lot of other accounting firms. Let me explain…

When you hire TSLNH to prepare your business taxes, we go a step further by ensuring that your books match your tax return. Why is it so important for these two to tie together? Two reasons: it prevents deductions from getting lost, and it prevents income from being counted twice.

Some of our competitors simply plug your figures into their own software and spit out “adjusting entries” for you or your bookkeeper to manually enter. This is a pain, and it leaves room for error. We take the time to clean up the books at the source! Here’s the gist of bookkeeping with us…

Better Bookkeeping with TSLNH

  • We clean and organize your files

  • We adjust your reports to match your tax return filing

  • We share any errors we find with you, then fix them

  • We improve your process continually

  • We train you and answer all your questions

Need a QuickBooks Checkup for Your Business?

There’s often a better way to do most things in life. With our QuickBooks checkups, we don’t just follow a checklist and shove your books through a predesigned mold. We have an expansive knowledge of all kinds of industries, and we know what works well for different business types. Our focus is on sharing client-specific best practices. After we do a thorough review, we talk about all the ways you can do things better on your own.

Contact us if you have any questions about your books! We’d love to help you out with a QuickBooks Checkup. Tune in next time to learn why you might want to hire an accountant.